Business customers.

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Business customers.

The multiple needs of the business segment place the mobility of management, workers and guests as one of the primary goals with which to measure the effectiveness of the business action on a daily basis.

Having your staff moved with confidence and certainty of the times, is one less factor to worry about in the organization of work.

Have your guests transported and followed exactly as you would, but without distracting yourself from your core business.

Our central radio integrates the service with its own quality: at the usual booking service, corporate customers can support the subscription service.

The transports performed are billed once a month and aided by adequate audit reporting that greatly simplifies the administrative work of the company: no one has to manage myosome receipts anymore, but everything is needed to manage their transfers. Both the need for advances and the management of refunds are zero. In addition, you can define your transfers in advance by making reservations directly in the cloud through a link specifically made up for subscribers.

Prenotaxi also complies with the ethical codes of the companies: the fleet is all environmentally friendly. Diesel vehicles are all rated Euro 6; the latest purchase is powered by methane, the most environmentally friendly of the fuels currently in use. Using Prenotaxi means being able to certify co2 not emitted on our planet, helping to break down the impact of your company in the environment in which it operates.