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Mobility market is where most of the worldwide financial investments have gone over the past five years. That's certainly a very dynamic market, where the traditional taxi system struggle to find new outlets.

Prenotaxi stems from the fact that today there's the need to offer to customers a kind of service that represents what each of us would expect from a top-level professional transportation system: comfortable and clean vehicles equipped with the best facilities and skilled and polite drivers.

We do more than what you expect

  • Prenotaxi is for those who plan their journeys: business travelers, people with disabilities, tourists.
  • Customer for us is more than just a source of income, but a person with his own desires and needs.
  • The race on our taxis always end with the pleasure for having joined a top-level service, and the wish to enjoy it again.


We thank the Sant'Olcese's "Consorzio Villa Serra" which kindly allowed the use of the beautiful park for "Prenotaxi" photo shooting.

Prenotaxi collaborates with OFTAL and UNITALSI for the transportation of people with physical disabilities who wish to go for pilgrimages.

Prenotaxi is in partnership with IIT in development of programs and experiments in collaboration with people with physical disabilitie.

Prenotaxi is in partnership with Costa Edutainment during transportation to the Aquarium of all those who wish to visit the most beautiful european indoor marine structure.

Prenotaxi is in partnership with Costa Crociere for the transportation of all those who need to make customized tours.

Prenotaxi works alongside the "Santuario di Nostra Signora della Guardia" of Genoa for the transportation of pilgrims to all the sanctuary destinations.

Prenotaxi benefits from major technological partnerships: international companies such as TIM, Taxitronic, Mercedes Benz, Q-Straint, Unwin, Guldmann and Autoadapt are Prenotaxi suppliers.



Prenotaxi performs the usual taxi service on all known roads, but to enjoy our services at the best level possible, we recommend you to book your race at least 2 hours in advance, taking advantage of the availability and professionalism of our radio station.

home-pickup Booking

Your reservation will be directly visible on our on-board terminals and, according to your request, you will be served, at the required time, by the most proper vehicle.

anytime Radio station

Please feel free to ask to our Radio Station all you need to know about Prenotaxi. One of our employees will always be at your full disposal.

Mobility is a value. We are here to make it loved.

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Passengers from 5 to 8


Boarding of 1 wheelchair + 5 passengers

Boarding of 2 wheelchairs + 4 passengers

Boarding of 3 wheelchairs + 1 passenger

Boarding of 3 wheelchairs + 1 passenger with physical disabilities on robotic seat

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Passengers 4


Boarding of 1 wheelchair + 2 passengers

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